If you are interested in attending a Juggling for Life course, or having one custom-made for your organisation, please contact:


“I used the JUGGLINGFORLIFE methodology with a colleague who was under a lot of pressure. After the first session I could see how relieved he was. Using the JUGGLINGFORLIFE methodology we found the next steps and right people to involve. Actually this person was the last type of personality I would think would appreciate the methodology……half a year later he is still appreciative of the session we had.”

Peter Nilsson, Project Manager, Tetra Pak.

Interested in becoming an authorised coach?

Please contact us for more information.


Who can attend:

  • Managers who guide and coach others in their work.
  • Human resources specialists.
  • Training and organisational development specialists.
  • Career counsellors.
  • Consultants working with coaching.

Steps to certification:

  1. Successful completion of the two-day course including working through the Juggling for Life process on yourself and another person.
  2. Completion of the fieldwork between the two-day course and one-day follow-up.
  3. Successful completion of a one-day follow-up course including written examination.


On successful completion of the full programme you will receive:
  • A certificate authorising your use of Juggling for Life.
  • Proficiency in a trusted coaching methodology that is relevant to a wide spectrum of application (corporate and private).
  • Increased self-awareness of your own coaching style and how to improve your own skills.
  • The opportunity to be coached through a real-time Juggling for Life process on your own life and work challenges.
  • The right to purchase Juggling for Life training materials.
  • Access to a network of other Juggling for Life coaches.