“Deborah Mattsson Clarke is a lady of great sincerity and integrity.
Her carefully structured course ensures that all participants engage in the process. Her calm considered approach and willingness to share her expertise left me feeling emotionally supported and positively energized.

I am finding the JUGGLINGFORLIFE coaching method to be straight forward, yet highly practical and versatile.”

Carol Milligan, Editorial Director, Muse Art and Design.

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Having a coach is an increasingly common practice in corporate life, as well a resource that is used by all sorts of different people in society:
  • Young graduates or the unemployed trying to find direction
  • Stay-at-home parents looking for ways to cope with the challenges of daily life
  • People in full or part time work who want to develop in their role

People turn to coaching for a number of reasons:

  • They may need additional support during a big life event or a new role at work
  • They may be less successful in their life or career than they had hoped
  • They may be experiencing feelings of stress and being unable to cope with the challenges of an increasingly complex life

We believe the coach you choose for yourself should be someone who has the training and tools to guide you in a structured way. They should be able to:

  • Listen, understand and support you
  • Challenge your thinking and encourage you to achieve things you didn't think you could
  • Be trustworthy, with a high degree of professional integrity

Juggling for Life coaches have been trained in the Juggling for Life methodology, which offers a very practical and structured way for you to work through your problems. They have been chosen as Juggling for Life coaches because of their integrity and are trained to work in an ethical way. This ensures you get the best possible coaching experience.