“During the years I have come across a lot of different models for working out aspects of everyday life. I have also, as a professional, met and worked with many different therapists and coaches. The model is, with all its complexity, also very easy to work with and take to heart. It is brilliant. Thank you for giving me a very useful professional tool.”

Tatjana Janjic, TKCT, owner, The Swedish Government's ambassador For promotion of female entrepreneurship

Our experience is that groups have the knowledge and solutions within themselves to achieve great things. The challenge is to tap into that competence, bring it out and make use of it. The Juggling for Life group coaching methodology offers:
  • A way to build trust in a group
  • Find a group’s combined resources
  • Create concrete steps to move a group forward in alignment with each other

Most of us are trained to do a job, have specific areas of expertise, and want to deliver results. The path from identification of a task to actually delivering it is often not so difficult to achieve. But add in the complexity of human dynamics, as well as the large number of stakeholders involved in decisions, and the process can quite easily get stuck.

Groups who work together using the Juggling for Life methodology spend the necessary time focusing on the human dynamics and stakeholder management part of the process, which in turn leads to faster and more effective task delivery.

In choosing a coach for your group, you need to feel sure that:

  • The content of the workshop is in safe hands
  • That confidentiality is observed
  • That the coach has experience and tools applicable to corporate life.

Juggling for Life coaches are chosen because of their integrity, and are trained to work in an ethical way. They also have years of experience behind them in managing complex situations. This ensures you get the best possible coaching experience.