The Juggling for Life methodology is used by many different sorts of people in a variety of professions.

Here you can read what some of them have said about Juggling for Life and why they have found it helpful.

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“Deborah Mattsson Clarke is a lady of great sincerity and integrity.
Her carefully structured course ensures that all participants engage in the process. Her calm considered approach and willingness to share her expertise left me feeling emotionally supported and positively energized.

I am finding the JUGGLINGFORLIFE coaching method to be straight forward, yet highly practical and versatile.”

Carol Milligan, Editorial Director, Muse Art and Design.

“JUGGLINGFORLIFE helped me when I was stressed and overwhelmed with stuff, both private and professional.

The method sorted things out and a lot of concrete actions came out of the session – that felt very good and I felt less stressed.”

Christina Stenberg, Human Resources Manager, Ikea Communications.

“To be coached using the Juggling for Life methodology was a surprisingly calm escape from all the demands and expectations I put on myself in both my professional and private life.

I could quickly make use of simple tips which made me more aware in situations where structure and decisions are needed. This gave me a heightened interest in the methodology which resulted in me becoming certified in the methodology myself.”

Adriana Azinovic, Interaction Designer, CEO Tenco AB

“During the years I have come across a lot of different models for working out aspects of everyday life. I have also, as a professional, met and worked with many different therapists and coaches. The model is, with all its complexity, also very easy to work with and take to heart. It is brilliant. Thank you for giving me a very useful professional tool.”

Tatjana Janjic, TKCT, owner, The Swedish Government's ambassador For promotion of female entrepreneurship