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“To be coached using the Juggling for Life methodology was a surprisingly calm escape from all the demands and expectations I put on myself in both my professional and private life. I could quickly make use of simple tips which made me more aware in situations where structure and decisions are needed. This gave me a heightened interest in the methodology which resulted in me becoming certified in the methodology myself.”

Adriana Azinovic, Interaction Designer, CEO Tenco AB

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Deborah Mattsson Clarke is the founder and director of The Global Development Network as well as the author and creator of the Juggling for Life process.

Deborah’s background includes 13 years hands-on line management experience across 23 different countries as well as 10 years as an independent consultant.

As Editorial Director for a global organisation, she was responsible for more than 50 multi-cultural employees and travelled extensively.

Her experience in global communication and change processes, strategic planning, budgeting, managing and motivating people and product development provided a sound basis for her to move into the area of organisational development and human resources 10 years ago. At that time she established a global Human Resources function for an international company to support them through a major change process.

Since then she has worked as a consultant in a wide variety of corporate environments, ranging from small privately owned businesses to large well-known public companies. During large-scale change initiatives she has worked with senior executives to assist them and their teams in transforming organisational and leadership cultures, with the emphasis on maintaining the health and well being of all personnel through one-to-one coaching.

Deborah is now a coach and consultant specialising in communication, leadership development and change management in a multi-cultural environment. Through her personal coaching work she developed the Juggling for Life process to help individuals at all levels in organisations avoid the increasingly serious issues of stress and ‘burn out’, a process that has also been successful in helping people regain their full effectiveness in the workplace.

Deborah has a degree in Communication Processes (Southampton University) together with postgraduate qualifications in Organisational Development and Human Resources (Association of Management Education and Development - AMED) and Workplace Counselling (Westminster Pastoral Foundation - WPF). She is also qualified by Oxford Psychologists Press to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and is accredited to use Landscape of the Mind and The Predictive Index.

Originally from the UK, she lives in Sweden with her husband and two children.